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Oxford Comma (The Quick Answer) An Oxford Comma is a comma used before the last list item in a list of three or more items. When there are three or more list items, then those following US convention should use a comma (often called an Oxford Comma) with the conjunction (usually and or or). Burger, fries, and a shake ( The Oxford comma example: bread, butter, and jelly. The first punctuation symbol used in the list is ordinary, while the second one is the Oxford comma. The peculiarity of the serial comma in English is that it is not necessary to use it in most cases. Thus, the above list can be written without a comma, with no effect on the meaning

An example of the use of the Oxford comma is the final comma in a list (after the word nurse) written by a student when he said was interested in a career as a teacher, a nurse, or a scientist In the example we gave above, the version without the Oxford comma could be interpreted as meaning that one of the girl's favourite foods was cake and chicken mixed together. Adding the Oxford comma makes it clear that these are two separate foods. To give you another example, take a look at this sentence: Any chicken with your cake Oxford Comma Examples. Without it, however, meanings of sentences can change completely. For example: Amanda found herself in the Winnebago with her ex-boyfriend, an herbalist and a pet detective. Amanda found herself in the Winnebago with her ex-boyfriend, an herbalist, and a pet detective. One comma makes the difference between an awkward road trip with two people and a potentially hilarious.

Usage of the Oxford comma varies depending on what you're writing; for example, the Associated Press does not require it but does not ban it. But The Chicago Manual of Style requires it. When it.. Do you call it the serial comma or the Oxford comma? There is a ferocious grammatical debate over whether a comma should go before the final conjunction in a series of three or more elements. It is the difference between Bring hot glue, an icepick and a hairnet and Bring hot glue, an icepick, and a hairnet. (Note: we have no idea what's about to go down for the person saying this. In English language punctuation, a serial comma, or series comma (also called an Oxford comma or Harvard comma), is a comma placed immediately after the penultimate term (i.e. before the coordinating conjunction [usually and or or ]) in a series of three or more terms

' And ' is a conjunction, so you should use the oxford comma before it to join two independent clauses. Example: On Tuesday we'll see the Tower of London, and on Wednesday we'll visit the Buckingham Palace. As you see, the sentence above has two independent clauses; the oxford comma placement is before the conjunction - ' and. Learn when to use the Oxford comma (or serial comma) with Grammar Rules from the Writer's Digest editors, including a few examples of correct usages. Let's start with defining the Oxford comma (also known as a serial comma—or even a Harvard comma apparently): It's the comma that follows the penultimate item in a list of three or more things

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It's known as the Oxford comma because it was traditionally used by printers, readers, and editors at Oxford University Press. Not all writers and publishers use it, but it can clarify the meaning of a sentence when the items in a list are not single words: These items are available in black and white, red and yellow, and blue and green The Oxford comma is the comma placed before the conjunction at the end of a list of things. For example, in the flag was red, white, and blue, the Oxford comma would be the one appearing before and. Proponents of the Oxford comma say it's necessary for removing ambiguity in sentences Furthermore, the example shows how using the Oxford comma encourages lazy writing. Relying on the Oxford comma for list-making may be clarifying, but it often interferes with good composition...

Here are some examples of sentences that use the Oxford comma: She always wanted to visit Germany, France, Spain, and Portugal. He could never decide if his favorite meal was breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Notice the commas that come after the words Spain and lunch The Oxford, Serial, or Harvard comma is a comma placed immediately before a coordinating junction (' and ' or ' or ') in a list of three or more items. Take, for instance, these examples with three breakfast items: I had bread, butter, and jam for breakfast today. I had bread, butter and jam for breakfast today

The Oxford comma (also known as a serial comma or the Harvard comma) is used in a list of three or more items, placed between the conjunction and the final item on the list. So, for example, in. Example 1: The menu consisted of burgers, fries, hot dogs, and onion rings. The comma before and is called the Oxford comma, and it is considered optional. Some of the stylebooks used by journalists and professional writers recommend dropping it The Oxford comma is a type of punctuation that is hotly debated among certain English-speaking writers, reporters, teachers and academics. Using or not using the Oxford comma may cause confusion, depending on the circumstance. We will examine the definition of the Oxford comma, how it got its name, who was the first to encourage its use, and some examples of its use in sentences Three amusing examples of why the Oxford comma is important Amongst those interviewed were Merle Haggard's two ex-wives, Kris Krisofferson and Robert Duvall. This book is dedicated to my parents, Ayn Rand and God

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Oxford comma (also known as the serial comma or Harvard comma) is the name given to the optional final comma in a series. In the phrase ham, egg, and chips it's the comma between egg and and. Entirely optional - correct punctuation neither demands nor requires it. And like everything that is optional, it has its adherents and its detractors, and, of course, there is also the vast. An Oxford comma is the comma that you see before the and in a list of three or more things. For example, without an Oxford comma, a sentence looks like the following: Reamer, Upper and Dutch. An Oxford comma would be placed after Upper in that sentence A big list of oxford comma jokes! 7 of them, in fact! Sourced from Reddit, Twitter, and beyond! Oxford Comma Jokes . Jack, a semi colon, and an Oxford comma walk into a bar. They both have a great time. I've got another example of the importance of Oxford commas: I passed a headstone the other day which read, Here lies Tyler Goetz, a lawyer and a good man.   I just can't believe the.

The example with the Oxford comma differentiates the three different flavors of pies, while the example without it only differentiates two flavors of pies. With this example, one can see how the Oxford comma could come in handy at times. But does that mean it should always be used? Arguments Against Using the Oxford Comma . The AP Stylebook considers the Oxford Comma unimportant, and many. The Oxford Comma Is Extremely Important And Everyone Should Be Using It. I don't care if it's technically not required. USE THE COMMA. by Adam Davis. BuzzFeed Staff SO if you didn't know, the. Write a method oxford_comma that takes an argument array of string elements and converts it into a string using the Oxford comma. For example, the array [fiddleheads,okra,kohlrabi] should get converted to the string fiddleheads, okra, and kohlrabi. Hint: Remember, strings can be operated on very similarly to arrays An Oxford, or serial, comma is the last comma in a list; it goes before the word and. Technically, it's grammatically optional in American English. However, depending on the list you are writing.

It has been called the Oxford or Harvard comma because those two organizations famously promoted it at a time when newspapers routinely omitted it to save line space. It is more properly called the serial comma, and most authorities today agree th.. Exemples (inspirés de la dédicace d'un livre) : To my parents, Ayn Rand and God (« À mes parents (qui sont) Ayn Rand et Dieu ») vs. To my parents, Ayn Rand, and God (« À mes parents, à Ayn Rand ainsi qu'à Dieu »), la virgule de série permet de lever l'ambiguïté

For example, when I use an Oxford comma, my sentence might read, Kelly loves Twitter, yoga, and blogging. Without an Oxford comma, that sentence would read, Kelly loves Twitter, yoga and blogging. But, at some point, everyone writes at least one sentence without that final comma, so why is it a big deal? It's important to include Oxford commas in your writing because, in English. Examples of oxford comma use. We advocate a nuanced approach to the Oxford Comma. If the Oxford Comma helps clear up ambiguity, then by all means use it. If not, then it's your call. Consider some of the following examples: I'd like to thank my children, The Beatles and Oprah Winfrey. Wait! Are your children really The Beatles and Oprah Winfrey? Clear up confusion and add the Oxford Comma. The Oxford, or serial, comma is included before the final and in lists. For example, a list of three drinks might be punctuated either as beer, wine, and whisky, or as beer, wine and whisky. It has commited defenders and equally fierce detractors An Oxford comma is the final comma used before an and at the end of a list and is used to avoid ambiguity: The family meal was soup, fish and chips, and ice cream. The jumper is available in green, yellow, and black and white. Associated Press Style Guide (AP Style) The Serial Comma/Oxford Commas

Oxford Comma Example. There is usually this debate about using or not using comma after the penultimate item in a list. This final comma, which we refer to as the Oxford or serial comma, is useful in a complex series of elements or phrases but some consider it unnecessary in a simple series such as in the examples above. It boils down to style or choice of the writer. However, some scholars. Amongst editors this final comma in a list is known as the Oxford Comma. A series of independent clauses (sentences) Examples. I met Harry, we went for a swim together, and afterwards Harry went home. I like your son, I might even love him, but he is not a very good soccer player. A series of nouns. Examples. For dinner I had soup, fish, chicken, dessert, and coffee. This afternoon I went to. In nearly every business writing course I lead, the subject of whether or not to use a serial comma (also called an oxford comma) comes up. There is always strong opinion. I actually dreaded writing this article. I was scarred by this subject while in graduate school studying composition and rhetoric, when I had to write a 10-page paper on the history and merits/detriments of the serial comma

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  1. Examples of Writers Saying No to the Oxford Comma Watch Cormac McCarthy, another rule breaker, show the comma who's boss: They dumped out the wooden coffeebox on the floor and kicked through his clothes and his shaving things and they turned the mattress over in the floor
  2. What is the Oxford comma? The Oxford comma (also known as Harvard comma or Serial comma) is the comma inserted just before the coordinating conjunction (usually 'and' or 'or', and sometimes 'nor') in the last item of a list of three or more items.For example: This blog is dedicated to Jack, Jill, Red Riding Hood, Captain Kirk, and Spock
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  4. It's hilarious. I get it. But here's the thing. The Oxford comma CREATES the exact same confusion if the first noun in the string changes. Another famous example: I want to thank my parents, Ayn Rand, and God. Without the Oxford comma, it reads as though this author has some pretty impressive parents. But look what happens when parents becomes mother. I want to thank my mother.

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  1. Oxford Comma Examples. The following examples show how the meaning of sentences can be changed with the addition of the Oxford comma: Without Oxford comma. My favorite things to eat and drink are: Eggs, tomatoes, bread, wine and cheese. The inference above might be that wine and cheese are only enjoyed when taken together. The Oxford comma used below shows that wine and cheese can be enjoyed.
  2. I can tell you why I'm an ardent user of the Oxford comma in almost all instances. I used to be a speed reader. Back in the 1980s and into the 1990s, it was extremely rare for me to ever find any literature where the Oxford comma was not normally.
  3. Furthermore, the British example lacks an Oxford comma in the non-semicolon list, and the American example contains an Oxford comma in the non-semicolon list. punctuation writing-style semicolon oxford-comma commonweath-english. share | improve this question | follow | edited Mar 5 '19 at 6:54. Sven Yargs . 131k 24 24 gold badges 303 303 silver badges 585 585 bronze badges. asked Jul 22 '17 at.
  5. The Oxford comma or serial comma is a comma. It is sometimes used directly after the second-to-last item in a list of three or more items. For example, a list of three people may be shown as Alice, Bob, and Charlie (with the comma) or Alice, Bob and Charlie (without the comma). Some style guides prefer using the comma, while others advise against it. It may sometimes be useful to add the.
  6. In American English, a comma (also known as serial comma or Oxford comma) is inserted before the conjunction separating the last item in the list. Points to remember: Commas are used to separate more than two elements in a list; Use a semi-colon instead of a comma to segregate the list items that have internal commas; The concluding conjunction may not always be and; or and as.
  7. The Oxford Comma, or serial comma, is the last comma in a sentence like this: Please get hummus, broccoli, baby carrots, and pita chips for the finance meeting. It is used when listing out a bunch of things, and always comes before the word and or or. Some people have been advocating for us all to do away with this comma altogether, while others have been vociferously.

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Examples of Why the Oxford Comma is Important. Here are some variations of funny grammatical examples of why the Oxford comma is important: Example 1: My favorite things are aliens, my mom and my dad. | My favorite things are aliens, my mom, and my dad. Without the comma, the sentence implies your favorite thing is aliens and that your mother and father are aliens. Example 2: I love eating. The Oxford Comma refers to that serial comma used before coordinating conjunctions in a list of things. It's used in sentences to reduce ambiguity and to make them easier to understand. Some people consider the Oxford Comma stylistic which means it's not really required Oxford comma n. [after the preferred use of such a comma to avoid ambiguity in the house style of Oxford University Press] a comma immediately preceding the conjunction in a list of items. After the definition OED lists recorded usages of the term, and - aha! - that contains much more historical information than the actual entry. According to OED, the first recorded use of the term was in. About This Quiz & Worksheet. The Oxford comma can be particularly helpful in a sentence where there is some ambiguity. This quiz will see if you can spot a correct usage and understand related terms

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In the second example, the use of the Oxford comma eliminates this unintential ambiguity. The second example clearly establishes that the writer would like to thank the three items in the list separately. Advocates for the Oxford comma also claim that its absence establishes a stronger association between the last two items in a list than may naturally exist between them. Opponents of the. The serial comma (also known as the Oxford comma and the Harvard comma) is the comma used immediately before a grammatical conjunction (usually and, or, and sometimes nor) preceding the final item in a list of three or more items. For example, this three-country list can be punctuated as either Portugal, Spain, and France (with the serial comma) or as Portugal, Spain and France (without the. Do you really need to use the Oxford comma? The short answer may technically be yes, with many opportunities for rebuttals and debates. Read on for a closer look I don't think you need an Oxford comma in the example you have given. The Oxford comma is an optional comma before the word 'and' at the end of a list. They are useful to prevent confusion, for example, to indicate that two items within a sentence belong together. They should seek the support of landholders, philanthropists, government, and community and industry groups. We took tomatoes. Oxford Comma is the third single by Vampire Weekend, released May 26, 2008, from their debut album, Vampire Weekend. Song title and meaning. On January 28, 2008, Michael Hogan of Vanity Fair interviewed Ezra Koenig regarding the title of the song and its relevance to the.

In the above examples the Oxford comma is needed for clarity, but in sentences where there is no ambiguity it can be left out, eg: I love cats, dogs and mice. 2. Sir Philip Pullman, who has called. The Oxford Comma, commonly known as Serial Comma is one of the most important expressive grammatical devices in the English Language. It is an optional comma that is added before the word and. This can be defined as the Comma right after any next-to-last item in list of 3-4 items mentioned in the sentence. The aim of your blog is to clear all your doubts about Oxford comma. Here we have.

Oxford comma definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now The Oxford comma here makes it painfully clear that the mushrooms and cheese are separate entities, but would anyone really question that in this context? If I spoke this example, I'd flow right through the ingredients, so visually, the Oxford creates a speed bump. These days, I'd ditch it I have not heard of using a comma before 'and' as being an Oxford comma. What I have read is that Cambridge uses commas less. Let me give you an example: Because it was raining, we put up our umbrellas. Many people would say that the comma could be left out after 'raining' (Cambridge). Others say that it is a subordinate clause at the beginning. View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/grammar-s-great-divide-the-oxford-comma-ted-ed If you read Bob, a DJ and a clown on a guest list, are three peo..

Quite simply the Oxford comma prevents unintentional ambiguity of the meaning of a sentence. Consider these examples below, where the final comma — the Oxford comma — is omitted. Our realtor showed us a beach house that has French doors, a wooden patio with a built-in grill and a 4-car garage. I reorganized my closet last week and moved my ruby red, orange floral, neon pink and pastel. For Example: - The cat, dog and the mouse (British) one. Though I left Britain 40 years ago, the Oxford comma is still a little foreign to me, but a North American edition of a book of mine first published in Australia had plenty of them added. Objecting to that would have been pointless - and a little pompous! Reply . Roy Brummell September 29, 2014 at 10:02 am. Thank you very. The serial comma is also sometimes called the Oxford comma because it's used by Oxford University Press or the Harvard comma because it's used by Harvard University Press, but I find these names misleading because so many other publications also use the serial comma. Using Serial Commas Adds Consistency. Although the serial comma isn't always necessary, I favor it because often it does add.

For more on this, plus an example of an instance where a comma is required after the independent clause, take a look at Subordinate Clauses and Commas. Rule #5: Use a Comma to Join Two Long Independent Clauses . Normally, you should put a comma between two complete sentences that are joined with a coordinating conjunction (and, or, but, for, nor, so, yet) that creates a single sentence with. Then, without an Oxford Comma, it is implied that there is 50 pounds of coal, thus making people think you have 50 pounds of coal even though you don't. So she's lying about how much coal she has. Thus bringing up the real question: Why would you lie about anything at all? For a funny example of this, see this drawing In fact, the comma is one of the most important and commonly used types of punctuation. Without them, sentences would just be messy! 2. Examples of Comma Use. Almost all sentences that aren't a single independent clause have commas. Here are some examples of the ways we use them: The pet store has cats, dogs, hamsters, fish, and turtles The Oxford comma, sometimes called the serial comma, is the comma before a conjunction in series of three or more items. The Maine statute on wages and hours omits the serial comma, because that's what they do in Maine, a state where people use few words, and fewer commas. According to the state's wages and hours statute, workers engaged in any one of these activities don't qualify for.

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  1. This is an example of how the Oxford (or serial) comma can change the meaning of a sentence. In sentence one below, the writer talked to four people - her two sisters, plus a lady called Maya, and another lady called Hana. In sentence two, the writer talked to two people - her two sisters, whose names are Maya and Hana. 1. She talked to her two sisters, Maya, and Hana. 2. She talked to her two.
  2. The Oxford comma, also known as the serial comma, is the final comma you write when listing three or more items in a row. You can and should use an Oxford comma with any list of at least three nouns, verbs, or phrases. For example: I ate scrambled eggs, french toast, and milk. These are my sisters Anna, Jane, and Mary. She has a doll, a ball, and a kite. Not Using the Oxford Comma. Some.
  3. Conversely, in example 2) the use of the Oxford comma can be important. In fact, the use of that last additional comma tells us Jerry ate three different dishes. Instead, without the comma, fried eggs and cheese could be interpreted as constituents of the same dish. Here the dropping of the Oxford comma seems irrelevant. After all, what Jerry ate isn't such a big deal. However, if the detail.

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What is an Oxford Comma; Comma Punctuation Rules & Examples: Learn How To Use Commas. English Punctuation: How to Use Commas Correctly . Commas are used to separate a sentence's elements, to connect independent clauses, to avoid confusion, and much more. Here, we offer a brief, basic guide to using commas correctly. Using Commas to Separate a Sentence's Elements. Commas provide clarity. Oxford comma-nistas around the world are having a heyday over a recent push alert sent by Sky News, which they believe is the end-all, be-all argument in favor of their precious punctuation mark. Now, let's be clear: The Oxford comma is necessary in this sentence as it's written. Obviously, there are some pretty serious implication An Oxford, or serial, comma is the last comma in a list, which goes before the word and. It's, technically, grammatically optional in American English What about the Oxford comma? Example: I saw a duck, a magician, and a liquor store when I went running. That last comma, known as the serial comma, Oxford comma, or Harvard comma, causes. Oxford Comma Lyrics: Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma? / I've seen those English dramas too; they're cruel / So if there's any other way to spell the word / It's fine with me, with me / Why.

Although the Oxford University Press stopped insisting on the comma in 2011, it's still recommended by many U.S. style guides. Common sense guidance says to use the Oxford comma, also called the serial comma, when it clarifies the meaning of a sentence, especially regarding items in a list The Oxford comma is also found in scholarly works, manuals, contracts and other legal documents. Anything that requires a high level of precision normally requires it, since the Oxford comma can help to reduce ambiguity. Examples of style guides that call for the Oxford comma include: The MLA Style Manual. The Chicago Manual of Style. The US Government Printing Office Style Guide . The AMA. 9 Reasons Why You Need the Oxford Comma Save yourself and others from humiliating situations. Nicole Masaki. Nov 07, 2016. Canisius College. 762 English Majors are often teased for knowing minute grammar rules, but they really are important. One of the more well known rules is the Oxford (or serial) comma. In a list of three things the comma between the first item and the second is required.

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In the following example, the 'and' internal to the second-last list item makes it unclear whether the third-listed item should be 'rate of pay and type of benefits' or 'rate of pay' only, with the fourth-listed item as 'type of benefits and reported level of support'. Using the serial comma clarifies this: Four aspects will be considered: time in classroom, experience, rate of. Your example, three smoothies: mango and pineapple, strawberry and peach. requires the reader not to expect an Oxford comma in order for them to interpret mango and pineapple as one smoothie but strawberry and peach as two separate drinks and thus would disrupt a reader's train of thought as they read Also known as a serial comma, an Oxford comma is the comma between the penultimate and final items in a written list. Here it is, using a classic example from The Gloss: We invited the strippers. An Oxford comma is the comma inserted before and or or in a list to separate the final item in a list from the items that go before it. Sir Philip lives in Oxford, which voted to.

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  1. If you answer yes to these questions, then the adjectives are coordinate and should be separated by a comma. Here are some examples of coordinate and non-coordinate adjectives: He was a difficult, stubborn child. (coordinate) They lived in a white frame house. (non-coordinate) She often wore a gray wool shawl. (non-coordinate) Your cousin has an easy, happy smile. (coordinate) The 1.
  2. Here is an example of a serial comma used within a sentence: There has never before been such widespread focus in the educational community on early childhood teacher quality, standards, and accountability (Scott-Little et al., 2007). Note that serial commas should also be used to separate authors' names in reference list entries. Bir, C., Croney, C. C., & Olynk Widmar, N. J. (2019). US.
  3. The comments so far haven't answered your question. There's quite an extensive explanation of the ins and outs of the Oxford or serial comma here.. You'll notice that the writer of the article says that a serial comma or series comma (also called Oxford comma and Harvard comma) is a comma placed immediately before the coordinating conjunction (usually and, or, or nor) in a series of three or.
  4. Oxford Dictionaries describes the Oxford Comma as: Some people, Jessica Chastain for example, will just favorite the tweet, but never reply. But all in all, I'm happy with what I've gotten.

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The real reason we care so deeply about the Oxford comma. R/Giorgio Perottino . I hear you, but From our Obsession. Language. We explore how language helps us make sense of a changing. The Rhinoceri, Washington, and Lincoln Illustrate Why You Should Use the Serial Comma. Tuesday, January 7th, 2014. Facebook Twitter Subscribe. Thanks to the omission of the serial comma (i.e., the Oxford comma), we learned, among other things, that Obama and Castro are tying the knot, and that JFK and Stalin were strippers. But that's nothing compared to learning that two of America's most.

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Word 2016 can only warn you if the Oxford Comma is NOT there good for people who prefer the 'Comma required before last item'. But if you don't like the Oxford Comma, Word 2016 has removed the option to warn when the' extra' comma is inserted. Oxford Comma option is OFF by default Oxford Comma in Technical and Business Writing is also known as. Serial comma; Series Comma; Harvard Comma; It's the comma before the coordinating conjunction (and and or or) in a list of three items. For example: I love soup, steamed vegetables, and a good cigar in the evening. Why use the serial comma? Not including the Oxford comma can create ambiguity and.

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  1. takes a list value as an argument and returns a string with all the items separated by a comma and a space, with and inserted before the last item. For example, passing the below spam list to the function would return 'apples, bananas, tofu, and cats'. But your function should be able to work with any list value passed to it
  2. I'm attempting to extend an old CSS trick to new lengths, taking into account the sinister future of the Oxford Comma. I like the Oxford Comma. I want my inline lists to use it. That is, I would like Ruby output contents of an array as a comma separated string Ruby . Is there a more correct way to output the contents of an array as a comma delimited string @emails=[joe@example.com, Peter.
  3. Amongst editors this final comma in a list is known as the Oxford Comma. A series of independent clauses (sentences) Examples. I met Harry, we went for a swim together, and afterwards Harry went home. I like your son, I might even love him, but he is not a very good soccer player. a series of nouns. Examples. For dinner I had soup, fish, chicken, dessert, and coffee. This afternoon I went to.
  4. comma definition: 1. a mark of punctuation (,) used to indicate a slight separation of sentence elements, as in setting off nonrestrictive or parenthetical elements, items in a series, etc. 2. a slight pauseOrigin of commaClassical Latin from Class..
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You and I share an interest in the English language. We might be friends. But, then again, we might not. It depends upon where you stand on the Oxford comma. As you'll know, the Oxford comma. Oh, Oxford comma, how I adore you, even though some styles call you obsolete. It's actually one of the hardest things to remember about being a freelance editor - Chicago, for example, strongly recommends using the Oxford comma, but AP says not to unless it's a complex list Oxford comma can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. Example: We had coffee, cheese and crackers, and grapes. Adding a comma after crackers makes it clear that cheese and crackers represent one dish. In cases like this, clarity demands the Oxford comma. Rule 2 Use a comma to separate two adjectives when the adjectives are interchangeable. Example: He is a strong, healthy man. We could also. How to Fix a Comma Splice. Comma splices are not good grammar. Therefore, they should be corrected in any type of writing, be it formal, informal, essays, etc. Let's use the above example to show how to fix comma splices. How to Fix a Comma Splice Sentence: There are three ways to fix a comma splice. Create two independent clauses Use an 'Oxford comma' or it can be referred to as the'serial comma,' to clarify list items that are more than one. The pansies are black and white, red and yellow, and purple and black. (More than one in each category) My favourite sandwiches are chicken, bacon, and ham and cheese. (Ham and cheese is a single unit.) Use commas to separate the following connectives from the rest of the. What is and must we or mustn't we use the Oxford Comma? Read the example below: We both went to the party last night and it really was fun. There were Mike, Joanna, Abigail, Laura, and Thomas. Now, the last comma in the second sentence, the one which follows the name Laura, is the Oxford comma. There has been a lot of debate among grammarians whether to accept it or do away with it. In other.

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